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by MinelordGaming at 7:01 PM
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Hey PvP4Allers,

in the last weeks our Developer @Jannik8500 has worked on a new Lobby System with new Items in the Hotbar and new Inventories for a better Overview and Organization. First of all the following Text is in English. For the German Community there is also a detailed Video made by @SilverPlaying that you can watch here:

For all others: Here is the English Version (Text):


The most striking new feature is the Profile! It's the Head with your Skin on Slot 2 and contains:
  • The Shop
  • The Achievement Menu
  • You Player Information (For example your rank, coins, etc.)
  • Access to the Friend System
  • Guild Information (Not yet released)
  • A Menu for you to see your Stats
  • The Settings Menu

Also there is a new Cosmetics Menu on Slot 5 with the following Features:
  • Suits
  • Particle Packs...
by MinelordGaming at 8:15 PM
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What’s up PvP4allers! I hope you have a good day and even if not, here is some amazing information that sure will get you happy! Today we finally release a long awaited new game called “Block Bending Games” or short: BBG.

In BBG your Team fights against the enemy Team. The goal is to kill the enemies’ Wither. The Wither is invulnerable as long as the Endercrystal is alive (So you have to kill the Endercrystal first). Also you have to defend your own Teams Endercrystal / Wither.
The interesting part is that every player is bending a Block and has different abilities! We made a video for you explaining all the Blocks and their abilities (links below).

If you don’t want to watch the video, here is the written version:
[English Version] Not yet released :(
[German Version] Was ist...
by MinelordGaming at 2:00 PM
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Hey PvP4Allers!

Today we have some new Maps for you guys! Again there are 3 maps to vote for and everyone has 1 vote! The map with the most votes after one week wins the voting and gets implemented!

The maps are:
1. Graveyard - build by MinelordGaming
2. Horseranch - build by PINKESPFERD
3. Aether - build by Fictionmaster

The Voting has finished and the winning Map was "Aether"! It's now implemented on every PvP Server! :)
by MinelordGaming at 9:12 PM
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Heya PvP4Allers,

Today we are introducing the new /Stats and /Top Commands or at least the new design! For now you are able to use them in PvP, NationWar, SuperJump and OneShot, but they will both be added to every game soon.

With the /stats Command you can see your very own, overall Game History of that game you are using the command in. It lists for example your kills, wins, deaths and alot more!

With the /top Command you can see the Top players in that game you are using the command in. After /top you can type a number and it shows you the top players from the best (the first) to whatever number you typed.
For example "/top 16" will list you the top 16 players (beginning with the best)

I hope you like this update. As always leave Feedback and please be sure to report bugs if you find them :)
by MinelordGaming at 8:45 PM
(7,697 Views / 4 Likes)
Hey PvP4Allers!

We are finally releasing Super Jump! In this new Minigame you can challenge other players in multiple Jumpnrun Maps! Here is how it works:

Rightclick another player with your Blaze Rod to challenge them.
Leftclick a player that has challenged you with your Blaze Rod to accept the request.

You finish a Jumpnrun by stepping on a Golden Plate at the end!

If the Jumpnrun you chose is already being played by others you will be added to the queue.
Use the command /queue leave to leave the queue.
Use the command /leave to leave the Jumpnrun and let your enemy win.

Every Map has a difficulty. These difficulties are "Easy", "Medium" and "Hard"
So far we have already implemented 16 Jumpnruns! It is hard to get them in one graphic but at least I tried:

More Jumpnruns will be added with time. If you have created a Jumpnrun you can...
by MinelordGaming at 1:17 PM
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Heyah PvP4Allers!

Since there was no Map-Voting for PvP over month we decided to start a new voting now :)
The voting lasted exactly one week and now it is over.

The winning Map was Waterfall Island with 5 votes!
2n place: Slimy Hall (3 votes)
3rd place: Graveyard (2 votes)
by MinelordGaming at 3:49 PM
(8,817 Views / 6 Likes)
Hello PvP4all User,

Today we release the new Ignoresystem! :)
With this amazing update you are able to ignore/block all those toxic players you do not like, so they can't bother you anymore. Here is how it works:

With the command
/ignore (Name)
you can add users to your personal ignore list!

With the command
/unignore (Name)
you can remove players from your ignore list!

To see which players you have blocked use the command

But what does a blockage exactly do?
  • You can not see ignored players in the Mainlobby
  • You do not receive messages from ignored players in the Chat
  • You do not get Friend requests from ignored players
  • You do not get Party requests from ignored players
We hope you guys like this feature and have a better experience on the server without getting bothered/spammed by...
by MinelordGaming at 6:12 PM
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Hello PvP4Allers!

On May the 10th we started another PvP-Voting! There were as always three Maps to vote for and everyone of you had one vote :)

And the winner is: Infinite Inferno with 9 votes!
2nd place was Graveyard with 8 votes.
3rd playce was Slimey Hall with amazingly 0 votes... D:

The Map Infinite Inferno will be implemented, the other maps not. We hope you have fun playing PvP on this new, hot, netherstyled Map :)
by Jannik8500 at 12:00 AM
(7,719 Views / 3 Likes)
Good News PvP4Allers!

Today, we have released our new Party System! Invite Friends ingame, accept other party requests, play with them on the same server and have a lot of fun!

It’s pretty simple! Just send a request with
/party invite [Name_of_your_Friend]

After sending him the request, he has to accept it by doing
/party accept [Your_Name]

You can send private a message all party members with /party chat [Message]
To see all party members, just do the /party members command

If you're the party leader, you can kick players from your party by doing
/party kick [Name_of_Party_Member]

To leave a Party type /party leave

If the leader left the server, a random member of the party becomes the new leader!

Note: You can't report the Partychat with Chatlogs, because it is not muteable.

We hope you enjoy the Party System Update and have fun! ;)
by MinelordGaming at 9:08 PM
(2,577 Views / 3 Likes)
Good News PvP4Allers!

On this Friday we are releasing our new Friend System! Add Friends ingame to send them private message, see what they are playing right now and if you like join the server they are playing on!

It’s pretty simple! Just send your friend a request with
/friend add [Name_of_your_Friend]

After sending him the request your friend has to accept it by doing
/friend accept [Your_Name]
Or if he does not want you as a friend he can deny the request with
/friend deny [Your_Name]

You can private message your friends with /msg [Name_of_your_Friend] [Message]
To join the server your friend is playing on use the /friend jump command

To see your Friend Requests just do: /friend requests

If you do not want someone as your friend anymore you can remove them from your friend list by typing /friend remove [Name]

Note: You can't report the Friendchat with Chatlogs, because it is not muteable.

We hope...