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by MinelordGaming at 7:40 PM
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Hey PvP4Allers!!

Today we are finally opening our Online-Store! For now you can buy 3 different Lobby Particles! Show your love with Hearts, your funkiness with cool Fireworksparks and your toughness with Thunderclouds!

You can buy these cool Particle Packs in the store: www.pvp4all.net/shop
We are releasing ranks soon so stay tuned! We are planning cool things for you ;)

Hope you guys enjoy this update and see you ingame (maybe with some particles ^^)!
by MinelordGaming at 6:30 PM
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Heyah PvP4All Community!

As there was no new PvP Voting for a long time, I thought i start the next one :)
This is the 4th PvP Voting now. I hope you remember how to vote! Just look at the 3 Maps given in the picture and choose one you like most and wish to see added to PvP. Every Forum User has one Vote. You can vote in the box above this thread.

Here are the Maps:

EDIT: The Voting has ended!! The winning map is...
Lost Mines

We are going to add the Map today! We hope you enjoy the new map ;)
by Jannik8500 at 9:01 PM
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New Chatreport System released!

Heyah PvP4Allers!
We finally came around to!
Today, we have released our new Chatlog System to report players which breaks our chatrules very fast and efficient.

How does it work?
You can use the /chatreport <player> or /chatlog <player> command.
If you execute it, you will get a URL in the Chat.
Now, copy the URL, create a Thread in the forums and paste the URL in the Thread!

To prevent fakereports, are chatreports with screenshots no longer valid!

If you have ideas, feedback, etc. feel free to comment below this Thread!
by MinelordGaming at 1:14 PM
(3,319 Views / 4 Likes)
Hey PvP4All-Community! :)

The PvP Map Voting has ended and we have a winner with 9 votes!
The new Map is...

Army Airport!

by MinelordGaming at 8:17 PM
(2,353 Views / 3 Likes)
Big OneShot Updates released!

Join now – pvp4all.net

Heyah PvP4Allers!
We finally came around to! We added new features to our explosive actiongame OneShot! We hope you guys enjoy the Update, so don’t forget to check it out and give us Feedback.

Most exciting changes:
  • Added Headshots: If you shoot a player in the Head you gain double Tokens for this Kill
  • Respawn Protection: On respawning other player won’t see you and you aren’t able to see others, too. This lasts round about one second after respawning.
  • Killing Sprees: Killing many enemies without dying is now honored in the Chat with Messages.
  • Achievements! We added achievements you can collect. For now there are 5 added yet. More to come in the future!

If you have ideas, feedback, etc. feel free to comment below this Thread!
by Jannik8500 at 12:38 AM
(3,113 Views / 3 Likes)
Join now: pvp4all.net

As we all know, Mojang released the Minecraft 1.8 and we worked hard the last weeks to update and well… Today we do so! PvP4All is now 1.8 only.
It would take me hours to tell you what amazing things we prepared for you. So here’s a short changelog with the most important updates and changes. Test the new feeling yourself by joining our server (ip: pvp4all.net) and enjoy ;)

Overall changes:
Version: Now 1.8 only (you aren’t able to join with 1.7 anymore)
- New Chat format in games. Better messages, less spam.
- Reworks of most of the maps:
---> Using 1.8 Blocks
- Random MotD’s in the Serverlist
- Automutes for breaking our Chatrules
- /fix command in every game! If other players request you to do /fix - do so please
- full UUID support
- preparations for Achievements
- fixed some bugs on the BanManagement
- added a...
by MinelordGaming at 6:40 PM
(7,518 Views / 3 Likes)
Hey PvP4All Community!

The Voting has ended and the winner with 7 votes is...

Sunken valley

Hope you enjoy the map!
by MinelordGaming at 11:37 AM
(2,627 Views / 4 Likes)
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Today we released a new, snowy PvP-Map! It’s perfect to get in a warm and cuddly Christmas feeling <3

But this is just an early present to you fellow PvP4All players! We are planning big things releasing before 2015!

First there will be the Big 1.8 Update

Second we are planning to release the BBG Early Alpha! Be sure to check it out here:

And finally we will release many new maps and such updates for PvP, OneShot, NationWar and HSG! So check out the new PvP-Map “Christmas” and stay tuned for upcoming updates in the future!
by MinelordGaming at 11:46 PM
(2,339 Views / 3 Likes)
Trick or Treat!

It’s Halloween and we have a special gamemode released just for you! It’s called “Horror SurvivalGames” and it’s pretty scary!

Basically it works like SG with little chests in the maps from where you get Items and the goal is being the last-man-standing. But in this type of SG there are bats, scary sounds, flying TNT which releases bats when exploding and all players are zombies and of course, if I haven’t mentioned it yet: there are bats! ;)

This gamemode is now officially released on our server, the PvP4All Server Network and will stay forever, but might get updates and some bugfixes in the future. Also there is awesome stuff in the shop following and even on the achievements we are working right now – so stay tuned!

The PvP4All Team wishes you a scary happy Halloween!
by MinelordGaming at 12:55 PM
(8,407 Views / 4 Likes)
Hey, PvP4All Community!

Today I’m glad to present you the new Hub Merchants in our Mainlobby. They look very fancy in their little houses in the middle of a game lobby and you can rightclick them to open the Shop.

In the shop you can buy Perks, Features and Items for all games. You pay with Tokens that you gain by playing games. First, there is only one thing to buy right now. It’s a command for PvP, that saves your Inventory and when you died you respawn with your self-sorted Inventory. Isn’t it cool?

The command costs 3000 Tokens and you use it like the following:
Join a PvP-server, sort your inventory as you like and type /save in the chat. After reconnecting your inventory is saved and will be given to you every respawn. You can change it whenever you want, just sort it and type /save again.

More things to purchase are following in the future. If you have ideas, post it right...