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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download your plugins?

No, they are just for our server and are self-made.

Do you have a TeamSpeak Server?


I got banned, what now?

If you got banned without any valid reason you can create a Thread in our forum about it.
A member of staff will proof it and if there really was no valid reason you get unbanned.
If there was a valid reason you need to wait until your ban expires. If you are permanently banned try to make an excuse-topic in our forum.

What to do if I find a bug?

If you found a bug please be so kind and report it in the forum.

Am I allowed to use Mods?

You are allowed to use all mods, that aren't helping you to win a game.

What and where is the Shop?


What to do to become staff member?

You can make an application in our forum.

In which social networks are you in?

We have a facebook page, a twitter account and a youtube channel. If you like us leave a like :D

When will you answer my application?

We reply faster if you're not reminding us every second!
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