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[English] Youtuberrank

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by MinelordGaming, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. Hey PvP4All-Community!

    In the following I will state how you get the Youtuberrank. This post can change after time and some Youtuber maybe loose their rank to a later time, when the conditions are changed!

    Conditions* for the Youtuberrank:
    1. At least 1k abos (1k = 1000)
    2. Being active, that means at least one video per week
    3. At least 2 videos per month on our server (this condition cancels out at 10k abos or more)
    4. You aren't allowed to hate the server in any of your videos / content.
    5. You must have uploaded at least one Video recorded on our Server (min. 2 min long)
    *Finally decides still the Head-Team who receives the rank!

    Apllying for the Youtuberrank:
    If you comply with the conditions send a Youtube-PN to: www.youtube.com/PvP4AllServerNetwork
    Use the following submission:

    YoutubeChannel: www.youtube.com/*MyChannel*
    IGN: *MyMinecraftUsername*
    I comply with the conditions for the Youtuberrank.

    Loosing the rank:
    You can only use the rank by hating the server in your videos (or anything which corresponds with your channel)!
    Breaking any other general server rule will depend in a ban, even if it's a permanent ban, or any other punishment!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.