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New Hub-Merchant system!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MinelordGaming, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. Hey, PvP4All Community!

    Today I’m glad to present you the new Hub Merchants in our Mainlobby. They look very fancy in their little houses in the middle of a game lobby and you can rightclick them to open the Shop.

    In the shop you can buy Perks, Features and Items for all games. You pay with Tokens that you gain by playing games. First, there is only one thing to buy right now. It’s a command for PvP, that saves your Inventory and when you died you respawn with your self-sorted Inventory. Isn’t it cool?

    The command costs 3000 Tokens and you use it like the following:
    Join a PvP-server, sort your inventory as you like and type /save in the chat. After reconnecting your inventory is saved and will be given to you every respawn. You can change it whenever you want, just sort it and type /save again.

    More things to purchase are following in the future. If you have ideas, post it right under this Thread!

    Thanks for reading, PvP4All Server Team
  2. Jannik8500

    Jannik8500 Owner/Founder Administrator

    Today, we have added a new buyable Feature for PvP.
    It's the "Mapchange heal" Feature, with this feature, you will get full health each Mapchange.
    It's now in the Merchant for 3000 Tokens!

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  3. 3000 Tokens? Seid ihr Geldgeil...

    (just ironie *hust *hust)
  4. Jannik8500

    Jannik8500 Owner/Founder Administrator

    Kannst es auch für 500 Euro kaufen :D
    Soll ich dir gleich meine Paypal Verbindung mitteilen? xD
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  5. Ja sag mal!

    Aber das wäre ja gegen die Eula, nicht war Jannik?
  6. Jannik8500

    Jannik8500 Owner/Founder Administrator

    Ob das wirklich ein Gameplayvorteil ist? Darüber lässt sich streiten^^
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