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New Minigame released: Kit-PvP! [1.9]

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by MinelordGaming, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. RELEASED: Kit-PvP

    The New PvP Minigame on the PvP4All Minecraft Server


    Hey PvP4Allers! :)
    We hope you are doing well! For this weekend we finally release a new Minigame for you: Kit-PvP!

    In Kit-PvP you fight against other players just like in PvP! You can always join or leave a server (that isn’t full) whenever you want to!

    On first join you land in a small lobby where you can choose a Kit to play with. The first Kit will be for free. However, all Kits then will cost 3.000 Tokens each. All Kits have different Abilities which (hopefully) help you in fights You can change your Kit whenever you want with the /kit command ingame!

    Keep in mind that Kit-PvP is by now only playable with the Minecraft Version 1.9!

    We are only able to bring you this awesome new Minigame because of our new Developer @Zeryther who did most of the code for the whole game. At least @Jannik8500 did a few things, too. ^^

    We hope you have much fun in playing this new game, collecting all the kits and testing out the different playstyles! :)

    Hope to see you ingame! <3
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  2. webiiii

    webiiii User

    Wie auch schon bei einem anderen Beitrag erwähnt, bitte unterlasse diese Ausdrücke und höre auf User oder auch Teammember zu beleidigen.
  3. Heyho,

    Ich persönlich finde, dass "Kit-PvP" ein ganz toller Spielmodus geworden ist. Hoffentlich wird er auch noch mehr gespielt :)

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
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