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New OneShot Map & AntiAura Release

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jannik8500, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. Jannik8500

    Jannik8500 Owner/Founder Administrator

    Heyho PvP4Allers,

    as first, thanks for so much attends at our Christmas Event.
    We gave out an impressive amount of over 1360 surprises!
    We hope you enjoyed the Christmas Event and had fun!

    As a “Christmas Gift” for you, we’ve released the new OneShot Map “Small Mall” and our new inspiring AntiAura Plugin which should help banning hackers faster in the future!

    NEW OneShot Map: Small Mall

    Created by the PvP4All Team

    AntiAura Release

    After month of working, we are going to release a first alpha of our AntiAura Plugin today.

    This Plugin is specialized to detect Hacked Clients, especially the popular Hack “Killaura/Forcefield”. This plugin works really effective with fake players which we send to the client. So, if you see fake players behind of you, it’s usual.

    If a player has a safe Hacklevel which cannot be a “false positive”, the player gets automatically banned.

    Our Developer @Jannik8500 created a little showcase, which you can watch here:
    We hope this plugin exempt us is the future from a lot of hackers.

    Finally, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year <3

    Best regards,
    your PvP4All Team

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  2. LYcrY

    LYcrY User

    Die Map sieht geil aus :) Super Weihnachtsgeschenk :D Hoffentlich werden die Hacker von dem neuen Plugin ,, rasiert ''
    Frohe Weihnachten euch allen :D
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  3. itsLike_Chriss

    itsLike_Chriss Moderator Mapper

    Die OS map sieht mega aus und auf das AntiAura hab ich mich auch schon lange gefreut!

    Merry XMas wünscht euch:
    euer Baum Chriss
  4. BagoSpielt

    BagoSpielt User