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PvP4All - Big 1.8 Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jannik8500, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. Jannik8500

    Jannik8500 Owner/Founder Administrator

    Join now: pvp4all.net

    As we all know, Mojang released the Minecraft 1.8 and we worked hard the last weeks to update and well… Today we do so! PvP4All is now 1.8 only.
    It would take me hours to tell you what amazing things we prepared for you. So here’s a short changelog with the most important updates and changes. Test the new feeling yourself by joining our server (ip: pvp4all.net) and enjoy ;)

    Overall changes:
    Version: Now 1.8 only (you aren’t able to join with 1.7 anymore)
    - New Chat format in games. Better messages, less spam.
    - Reworks of most of the maps:
    ---> Using 1.8 Blocks
    - Random MotD’s in the Serverlist
    - Automutes for breaking our Chatrules
    - /fix command in every game! If other players request you to do /fix - do so please
    - full UUID support
    - preparations for Achievements
    - fixed some bugs on the BanManagement
    - added a AntiSpam System

    - New Map: Sunken Valley (Winner of the voting: http://www.pvp4all.net/index.php?threads/voting-pvp-in-the-new-year.241/)
    - The stats in the scoreboard changed
    - You won’t see your deaths anymore, because many of you played unfair (combatlogging, suicide, etc.) to prevent getting deaths and to keep a good K/D
    - Instead of deaths there is a new counter called “Killstreak”. It shows the highest Killstreak you have ever done
    - Mapchange is now every 10 and not 15 minutes
    - fixed the AntiCombatLog System

    - New maps! Meltdown and Raid – Go check them out!
    - Killing yourself is now impossible
    Changed the effects gained:
    - - > Removed: Wither effect, Resistance effect
    - - > Sorted the effects in negative and positive effects and gave a 60% chance to get a positive
    effect and a 40% chance to gain a negative one.
    - - > Positive effects: Speed, Strengh, Invisibility, Regeneration, Fire resistance
    - - > Negative effects: Slowness, Nausea, Mining Fatigue, Blindness
    - - > Positive effects now stay for 18 seconds, negative effects stay for 8 seconds

    - New Map: Caved City!
    - fixed bad translations
    - More visual effects and scare moments!
    - Killing other players let them appear as a dead body where they died. Pretty scary.
    - Purchaseable Perks in the Lobby-Shop, such as the Villager Zombie Disguise

    Nation War:
    - New Map: Moon
    - Fixed many bugs

    - Fixed getting no Tokens on killing players with the knife
    - fixed bad translations

    - old threads closed/moved
    - Added many description posts
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