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PvP4All March Update

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jannik8500, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Jannik8500

    Jannik8500 Owner/Founder Administrator

    Heyah PvP4Allers!

    Today we have really good news for you!
    The last Week we have done a lot of updates. I’m happy to present them to you in this post!

    - HorrorSG does now support our Mappool. That means we’ve added our Maprating-System (more here)
    - HorrorSG does now support Achievements. For now there are 5 Achievements added yet!
    - We’ve also done a lot of bugfixes and performance improvements

    - We’ve released the brand new Map "Western“, built by the PvP4All Mapperteam

    - We’ve released the new Map „Moon“, built by the PvP4All Mapperteam
    - Removed the Map "Black And Yellow"

    - Special Items (which can't be gained by beacons) have now a lower durabillity. These Items are gainable by Enderchests and Killstreaks
    - We’ve added the brand new Map „Multibiomes“, built by the PvP4All Mapperteam

    - BBG does now support our Mappool as well. This means that we can add/remove maps faster and now you can vote for Maps because of the Maprating-System (more here)
    - We’ve added a second BBG Map called „Castle“, built by the PvP4All Mapperteam
    - Snowmans now have a Nametag which shows the snowmans' team
    - You can no longer damage your teams snowmans'

    - You can now see all NationWar and HorrorSG Achievements in the lobby as well
    - We’ve fixed some lobby crashes, for example when a lot of players were sent back to the hub
    - We’ve completely changed the layout of the compass, hope you guys like it!

    - Updated the BungeeCord Proxy
    - Our Youtube Channel, Twitter and Facebook Account got a new Header

    Fixed Issues:
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  2. xImSini

    xImSini User

    Nice Updates Jannik.LG FVTVH1